Why Do Diets Fail?

The secret to success does not lie in the details of a diet.

Many of us have tried them all.

Low Carb. High Carb. Low Fat. High Fat. Vegetarian. Raw Food. Exercise Mania. Magic Supplements.

And what do all these diets have in common?

Low success rates and participants feeling deprived and like they cannot live this way forever!

Now I ask you, do you think deprivation + lack of sustainability = long term results?

Sure, anyone can lose a little weight using any of the diets listed above for a specific amount of time, but what if I told you most people gain all the weight back, and then some, after the initial weight loss the diet afforded them.

That’s because the real equation looks more like this:

diet + lack of sustainability = short term results + rebound weight gain (with no real life-changing skills learned)

Diets create an image of a wagon. A wagon in which one gets perpetually on and off. But what if I told you there is no wagon? That the diet industry created the wagon to keep you coming back for more! And the answer to making the wagon disappear is not to find the end all, be all of diets, but to learn the skills that allow you the freedom from the wagon FOREVER!

Why Are Habits/Skills the Answer?

The real success of any nutrition strategy lies in the skills it takes to get results. So with this in mind,  I am your advocate for a habit-based nutrition approach and ensure you the word ‘diet’ has no place in the process.

The habit-based equation:

skills/habits + sustainability = long term results (freedom from dieting FOREVER)

With that said, I promise to empower you to become the strongest version of yourself, helping you become responsible for reaching this new plane of success by incorporating new skills/habits into your life that will enable you to get off the diet roller coaster for good.

Join me on the journey to nutritional freedom and realize your path to greater health and fitness.

Work with Me

Stronger Me started as a personal mantra and is something I have a passion for others to embrace and proclaim.

Have you ever wanted to free yourself from the confines of constant dieting and finally achieve freedom when it comes to your nutrition but didn’t know where to start or where to focus? Working together we can identify the best starting point for you, individually, not based on a cookie cutter weight loss system. Because lets be honest, not everyone is in the same place on their journey to their strongest self.  Being able to identify the biggest barriers holding you back from success and crafting a personalized path to get you where you want to be is my passion.

Most of us have been on a diet at some point or another over the course of our lives. Some try once and give up, some are always looking for the next great thing and, for some, the word “diet” is not a part of their vocabulary.

For me, I have always fallen into the latter and want to help free those who have been on the diet roller coaster for too long. I want to encourage and inspire a different approach to eating, one that allows you the freedom of choice, to eat your favorite foods, to put an end to emotional and obsessive eating, and teach you the skills needed to make these changes for life, not just the next bathing suit season.

I want you to succeed, so there will never be a point where I try and peddle you some “off the shelf” solution, because you’re worth more than that. And due to the fact that you’re taking a step in a positive direction to better yourself tells me that you care enough about yourself to allow me to enable you to unlock your greater potential.

How I Work

I pride myself on being a highly adaptable person and with that in mind, I work with you on your terms, not my own.  If you are the kind of person that needs daily check-ins to stay accountable or the kind that really only needs to be pointed in the right direction with intermittent check-ins, I can work within your needs.

I can be as available to you as you desire and that is something we can discuss as a part of your initial assessment.  During this initial assessment, I want to get to better know you and your goals and what has led you to this point in time. I basically want to unlock your WHY? Because if I know why you want what you want, I can better craft a strategy to get you there or if your why is not yet your own, I can help you better understand and own it.

Once I have conducted an initial assessment, we will then discuss a course of action. The HOW we best get you to become the Strongest You.

Some of the methods I use to stay in touch with clients are email, text, phone or video conferencing and in-person meetings. Your preferred method of communication will always be considered as well as your desired access to me.

My biggest hope for you is that you can master some keystone skills that will enable your future success and have a little fun along the way!

Are you ready to take the next step to becoming a Stronger You?

Make a proclamation with me!