Hello fellow health and fitness enthusiasts, I am Lauren Minor, the voice behind Stronger Me. I created Stronger Me as an outlet for my passion for all things health and fitness and to empower women to become the strongest version of themselves. I am a firm believer in the transformative powers of exercise as well as the importance a healthy relationship with food can have on the body. We are only given one life and one body and should strive to care for ourselves in a way that reflects that.

I did not create this site to be a platform to advocate for certain diets or exercise regimens, as I believe they need to be as unique as the person that is adhering to them, but to encourage women to make their health and fitness a priority in their life. It is my belief that caring for one’s personal health and fitness is a springboard to so many other positive aspects of life. Whether it’s being able to enjoy a strenuous hike to an amazing waterfall or being able to play with your kids or grandkids, being strong in body and mind is an enormous asset.

So why Stronger Me? I really wanted to make this a me-centric space. For one, I speak from a space of personal experience and most of the stories and anecdotes are reflection of “me” as a person. And secondly, “you” seemed too impersonal a way to refer to my readers. I envision a place where Stronger Me is a motto for anyone that reads and enjoys the content (and future services) I provide. We are all a bunch of “me’s” striving to be the strongest versions of ourselves. Stronger Me is a place where all the “Me’s” can come together to encourage each other on our different journeys. And why Stronger? I started out with Strong, as I feel it’s good to feel like you are already strong, because you are. But it is even better to work towards something bigger, to be stronger in mind, body and soul, than you are today. That, to me, is empowering, and is what Stronger Me is all about.

In the not to distant future, I hope to continue to spread my love of health and fitness by offering mentoring services and programs to get people off and running on their own journey to a Stronger Me.

Thank you for taking the time to read and be part of Stronger Me. I hope to continue providing quality content as long as there are people to consume it!

Stronger Together,