“Common sense is not all that common.”


Why is it that when it comes to nutrition, common sense seems to fly right out the door? Couldn’t be anything to do with the plethora of conflicting information at our disposal? Or the hustle and bustle of daily life that prevents us from giving most decisions much thought?

The realization that making healthy eating choices is relatively common sense can be a bit of an ah-ha moment for those of us who thought it was overly complicated and convoluded. This is one of the things I love about coaching people through their relationship with food. They come to find that the answers they were seeking were right under their nose the whole time. Sometimes it just takes an outsider to help you get out of your head and into action.

What I seek to do as a coach is illuminate the common sense things that help improve your relationship with food and enable you to make decisions that allow you to reach your goals…for the first time sometimes!

We have a tendency to over-complicate many things and healthy eating is definitely one of them. I love the look on my mentees faces when they realize something they thought was complicated is actually quite simple…nay, common sense 🙂 It’s like watching the sun come out after weeks of gray skies…magical!

Some coaches like to over-complicate things further for their clients by giving them a bunch of things to do all at once. I like to simplify things for them. Because I know, especially in cases where they want to lose a lot of weight, they have over-complicated things for far too long, and giving them a laundry list of things to do does not set them up for success.

To be successful there is a bit of a formula in my opinion:

Desire + Knowledge/Input + Skills + Consistency = Success

Lets break it down a little to better understand how this works.


The person making the change has to want it and want it badly if BIG changes are in order. As much as I’d love to want it enough for them to make it happen, change just doesn’t work that way.


The person making the change has to seek new knowledge or input to right any misinformation they are using to write their story. And use that information to rewrite it. Enter a coach.


The person making the change will learn skills that will enable them to make sustainable change possible. A good coach will tailor the order of skills to be learned to the specific client and their current state, taking into consideration their goals.


The person making the change must practice the skills they are being taught consistently. This is the most critical component of the equation because the more consistent they become at their skills practice the more likely the skills become habit and habit becomes a sustainable lifestyle. This is the long game mentality needed to never diet again in your life.


The person making the change had the desire, gained the knowledge/input, practiced the skills consistently over time and met or exceeded their goals.

Are you looking to finally be successful at reaching your health and fitness goals? Do you need that extra little push that only coaching can give you?

I have two different opportunities coming up to jumpstart your health and fitness and get a little extra push to stay the course.

I will be running a free 5-Day Taming Your Cravings Challenge starting Monday, May 29th. During the course of those 5 days I will be giving you the tools you need to hone your skills when it comes to overcoming your cravings. The challenge will include live video lessons as well as downloadable hard copies of the lesson material so you can continue to put the skills into action once the 5 days are up.

If you’re ready to go all-in, I am starting a more in-depth health and fitness accountability challenge, that will include both a fitness and nutrition component and will last 60 days to really get you down the path to reaching your goals. This challenge kicks off on Monday, June 5th. There is a financial commitment to being a part of this challenge, but it is so full of value, I am convinced it will be worth every penny! You get 60 days of support from me and other like-minded individuals looking to take their health and fitness to the next level. You get nutrition insight, including ideas for healthy meals and more. You get a year’s access to thousands of workouts you can stream on any device from the comfort of your own home. If you do the math, it’s about $15 a month to workout as much as you want for an entire year! I don’t know many gyms that give you that kind of value.

I’d love to have you join me on this journey and help you to really open your heart and mind to the potential that lies within.

Message me and say I’m In for [enter challenge] and I will send you more information.

Lets build a little forward momentum together!