The devotion of thought to an honest achievement makes the achievement possible.

– Mary Baker Eddy

Now we are getting to where the rubber really meets the road. We’ve talked about step one, realizing you are getting in your own way, and step two, clarifying how you are getting in your own way. Today I want to talk about step three, ideation. This is where we look at the items from our clarification step and ideate on ways we can overcome the barriers we are putting in our own way. Get out your pen and paper because this is another exercise that will really set you up for eliminating the barriers that have sabotaged your health and fitness efforts.

The trick here is to be really honest and not put something down that you know you are incapable of doing. This is the part that is hard. Some of these responses will feel easy and achievable, others will feel down right impossible and difficult to identify a solution you feel you can succeed at. Take as long as you need to really think about what you could do that would make a difference. Don’t worry about how small or seemingly insignificant your solution may be. This is not about identifying the HUGE wins. This is about amassing enough small wins to equate to a larger collective win. So with that in mind, here are my responses to my barriers:

– I am eating too many empty calories – carbs and sugar mainly and not working out enough to substantiate it

Find a substitute for the high carb/high sugar foods you are craving (tea, protein source).

– I am not moving my body enough, not making it a priority

Set an alarm that reminds me to move every hour. Every little bit counts.

– I am not prioritizing myself

Take 10 – 15 minutes before bed to just relax and be alone. This could include reading, stretching or any kind of self-care ritual.

– I am lacking motivation

Read, follow others that are achieving goals you want to achieve. Remember motivation is contagious.

– I am afraid I will never have the body I did pre-pregnancy

Accept that this is ok and embrace that your body has gone through profound changes that produced a beautiful son. When this fear creeps up, say I love what my body brought into my life and no amount of obsessing over my old body can replace the feeling I get when I hold my baby boy!

– I am overwhelmed to start from scratch

Just start. No matter how small the step. Starting creates momentum and momentum is what I need to carry me forward.

– I am not able to wake up a little earlier to work out (not a morning person)

Set my alarm a little earlier each day until I can wake up 30 mins earlier and fit in a good workout.

– I am not making good lunch choices when at work

Start bringing my own lunch to work or if I go to lunch with coworkers, prioritize protein and veggies over carbs and fat.

– I am eating more than my body needs

Eat slower and more mindfully. Listen to my body’s satiation cues. Adopt an abundance mindset. Food is not in short supply. I do not need to eat more just because it is there.

– I am frustrated at myself for not prioritizing my health and fitness sooner after pregnancy

Remember your body went through a traumatic experience and that you needed to take the time to heal and bond with your baby. There is no guilt in that.

– I am having more cravings than normal for sweets and giving in more than I normally would

Eat more protein and vegetables at my meals and try to get a little more sleep. My cravings are up because my diet is not balanced and I’m not getting enough sleep.

– I am weaker in mind than normal, allowing temptation to get the better of me

For me, I know that physical strength leads to mental strength. Start there and let it build a little forward momentum.

– I am not getting enough sleep

Aim for at least 7 hours sleep. If that means cutting Netflix time down, do that! Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday.

– I eat out of boredom

When feeling bored. Go for a walk or read. Do something to distract myself from heading to the kitchen. 

There you have it. Now not only to I have a list of self limiting beliefs, but a clear action to take against each one. Now I know what you are thinking,

that’s a lot of action to take and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed already! 

But I’m here to tell you, don’t worry about how much action you need to take. Some of our lists may be long and some short. The amount of work we have to do is completely reflective of how much we have been getting in our own way and for how long 😦 So don’t let a long list of why’s and how’s bring you down. Because in step four, the final step, I will be laying out the way to overcome these self limiting beliefs and actions and set you down the path of success. My hope is that you will be empowered to the point you will know exactly what to do any time you start to get in your own way.

So stay tuned for the final step and learn how to take control of your own health and fitness destiny.

Stronger in progress not perfection,