Definition of alive

  1.  having life :  not dead or inanimate

  2. a :  still in existence, force, or operation :active<kept hope alive>b :  still active in competition with a chance of victory <must win to stay alive in the playoffs>

  3. knowing or realizing the existence of something :sensitive<alive to the danger>

  4. marked by alertness, energy, or briskness <his face came alive at the mention of food>

  5. marked by much life, animation, or activity :  swarming <streets alive with traffic>

    – Merriam Webster Dictionary

Pay special attention to definition’s 4 and 5 above. Because this is what I think it means to be alive. Anything else is simply going through the motions.

When you contemplate your state of being or your existence, do you feel you live up to definition 4 and 5? Or are you simply going through the motions and living, not embracing being alive?

For me, my ability to move and the joy it brings to my life makes me feel alive. Movement is actually inherently tied to my joy of living. It makes me feel more alert, more energetic, more brisk…more ALIVE. If you have gotten to a place in your life where you have forgotten or never experienced the joy of movement (purposeful or not), you truly do not know what you are missing out on.

Life is miraculous; my 2 month old son reminds me of this everyday. As I get to see him learn to move and use his body in different ways for his first time, it only makes me feel that much stronger about the joy of movement. For him, learning new methods of movement is truly blissful, not unlike the first time we experience a form of movement that truly feels natural and wonderful to us. This was very much my experience of yoga a few years ago. I couldn’t understand how I had gone so many years without experiencing the joy of this type of movement and (icing on the cake) the mental benefits associated with it.

With that said, I challenge you to find a way to feel more alive through movement. Whether it is on your yoga mat, on the pavement or on the trail. Seek out your joy in movement and really experience what it feels like to be alive.

If you’re not sure how to tap into your joy of movement and need a little inspiration, Stronger Me coaching can teach you simple ways of incorporating more daily movement into your life and the joy that comes with developing this skill.

Alive and stronger,