I’m back after a little holiday hiatus with my family. And I have to say it felt good to step away from everything and spend some quality time with the people I love. Even crazier how much love you can have for someone you just met! Our son continues to brighten every day as I sit in amazement of his world opening up before him.

It got me to thinking about how we lose that sense of child-like wonder and belief that we can do or be anything we desire. Yes, many of us grew up with parents that told us we could do or be ANYTHING, but when was the last time we actually believed that??? It’s so easy to lose sight of what we desire and listen to the voice of doubt in our head. The voice that tells us we’ll never be good enough, smart enough, thin enough, happy enough…insert [anything] enough. What if today we could silence that voice of doubt and just BE ENOUGH.

In order to do something you desire, you have to believe it can be done and if you’ve constantly let this inner voice of doubt shut you down, today is the day to politely tell it to f%$k off! Shutting yourself off from possibility before you even start down the path to what is possible is a thing of the past. Today forward, choose to silence doubt and to listen to your heart’s true desires. If that means finally taking that step towards a stronger you, DO IT! Don’t doubt it can be done! Accept that anything worth endeavoring in is going to be tough, but getting through the tough moments only makes you stronger. When you start to hear the voice of doubt, stop and immediately silence it. Tell it, NO, I have doubted myself long enough and I know I can be and achieve all the things I desire if I truly believe in myself and embrace the journey.

Please reach out to me and let me know what the voice of doubt has prevented you from going after and make a public declaration to stop listening and to start acting!

Believe you are a stronger you!