Ever heard the phrase, “Fake it until you make it”? I’m guessing most of you have. This is a phrase that has always sounded easier said than done, but a concept I can get behind.

I’ve never really liked the phrasing. There is an air of inauthenticity to it, like you are being told to pretend to be something you are not until you can become it. So instead I encourage acting as if. No need to pretend, simply act as if you are already what you have set out to become or achieve.

For some, this is no easy task. Acting as if requires us to have self-confidence and faith in our ability to set a goal and attain it. This is not something that can be easily taught. It requires a mindset shift that can be very challenging for those who lack self-confidence and have very little faith in their abilities. For those that fall into this category, fake it until you make it, might be a more appropriate approach. Fake it until you make it feels like less of a commitment and like, if failure to meet a goal was to happen, less of a loss. Acting as if, on the other hand, adds a layer of accountability to our goal setting. Because we are preemptively committing to being something different than we are today. And while this make scare some people shitless, because the idea of failure is more than they can bear, I assure you, there is nothing more scary than wanting something and never having the balls to go after it. Instead you choose to live a life of longing and regret, as you decided to accept the status quo and denied yourself the possibility of being something more. And this is just a shame.

But what if you could change your mindset?
What if you could make a commitment to act as if you already attained the goal you set after?
What would that look like for you?
Can you visualize what that version of yourself looks like?

No one achieves their health and fitness goals by acting defeatist from the get go. On the contrary, those who reach their goals visualize what they will be like once they attain their goals and act as if they have already achieved them.

The power behind the concept of acting as if is that if you begin to act different and feel different, ultimately you will become different. You will act in accordance with the person you have decided to become, before that person has even been actualized. Can you see how powerful this can be? No longer is it necessary to doubt your abilities. The more you can convince the mind it has already achieved what it set out to, the more you can avoid putting up the kind of barriers that have always prevented you from achieving the results you desire.

While Stronger Me coaching cannot magically give you the self-confidence you need to act as if, it can give you the tools you need to start building your skills so you, not only start to believe you can achieve your goals, but you actually see yourself achieving them before you even get there.

Stronger by acting as if,