Today I want to use this #transformationtuesday to talk about choosing to make a commitment to your health and fitness when you’re scared shitless because either the road looks too long or the hill looks too steep. Instead of focusing on the possibilities, you focus on the obstacles. And focusing on the obstacles is like shooting yourself in the foot before you even take one step forward. Enter the dreaded world of self-doubt and second guessing. You start thinking about all the times you tried and failed in the past and think, I’m a failure, what makes me think I can succeed this time when I’ve failed every other time?

Here’s the problem with this line of thinking. You’ve let self-defeat enter the picture before you’ve even started and if you start out afraid, you’re likely to repeat the same actions and get the same results as before. But if you approach this time being encouraged, knowing that you, and only you, have the power to control your health and fitness outcome, you decide to ignore what happened in the past, learn from your failures and set down a path that brings you closer to your goals.

Most of us think encouragement is something that has to come from an external source, we deny ourselves our own internal encouragement, which can actually be more powerful than any kind of external. Why you might ask? Because it reminds us that we are in control of our destiny and that we are capable of achieving the things we set out to. There is nothing more empowering than taking ownership of your situation and the things you want to change, setting a course of action and experiencing success along the way. 

For those who measure success by large wins, this may be the single biggest deterrent to reaching your goals. As you tend to get impatient with the process and seek instant gratification, not realizing that when it comes to making lasting change to your health and fitness, slow and steady wins the race. Actually scratch that, it’s not a race; it’s a journey. You have to enjoy the journey and every stop along the way, and not simply focus on getting to the destination. You will miss out on so many small wins, you’ll start to become discouraged and want to abandon the journey, and the cycle repeats.

Make this time different. Be encouraged. Know that your past does not define your future and anything you wholeheartedly set out to achieve you can.  

If you are afraid this time will be just like every other time and you start to think failure before you even start, Stronger Me coaching can help mitigate your fear and empower you to take steps that will allow you to not repeat previous mistakes and give you he fortitude to stick it out when you otherwise would have given up.

I’m here to ensure you stay encouraged and convince you that fear has no place in the process.

Stronger through encouragement not fear,