#ThrowbackThursday and I wanted to repost an article I wrote 3 years ago, when I was just getting this blog up and running. This post was somewhat scary to share, as it involved me posting a picture of myself that I found unflattering and unrepresentative of the care and attention I believe my body deserves. But it was this same photo that I used daily to remind myself that I have a choice, everyday, to make my health and fitness a priority.

We all inevitably go through different seasons and cycles of life and priorities undoubtably shift with these changes. I am currently going through yet another cycle, my post-pregnancy cycle. And it presents it’s own set of challenges and items necessary of prioritization. Sometimes health and fitness, simply does not rise to the top of that list, and I’m here to tell you, that is ok! As long as you accept and acknowledge the items that take a higher priority and commit yourself wholeheartedly to them, you can always revisit your health and fitness at a later date. Just be sure to make the process of reassessing your priorities something you do at regular intervals. That way you can adjust and pivot as you need or are able to.

I felt, due to my current circumstance and my body not being in it’s usual state, it was appropriate to revisit this topic and encourage you all to not see these down cycles as failure, but as a necessary part of life. I am a huge proponent of #progressoverperfection, so I don’t harbor any illusion that we are meant to be perfect 100% of the time. In fact, I believe our true identity lies in our imperfections and learning to love ourselves, despite our flaws.

Realize wherever you currently are or wherever you’ve been does not equate to where you are going. You can choose to navigate away from your current or past path and choose an entirely new one. Case in point, this is what making that choice looked like for me.

blog-post_where-you-are-goingNote, this change did not happen overnight. And it did not happen without effort. But it did happen and it was something I was able to do by committing to make my health and fitness a priority and building a skill set that enabled me to make healthier choices by habit, not chance.

Read more about my 2009 journey here:


And if you are ready to move forward and leave your current or past self behind, ask me what you can do to get started. As I stated yesterday, taking the first step is often the hardest part and I’d love to help you get started and guide you down the path towards a Stronger You.

Stronger Looking Forward,