This week’s post is going to be short and sweet and is a combination of two concepts I have talked about before.

1 – The One Thing
2 – Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Just as a quick recap, as to not spend too much time talking about either oneOof these concepts in too much detail, the one Thing involved choosing one thing that could be big or small that would move the dial in the direction you desire towards your health and fitness goals. While getting outside your comfort zone is pretty self explanatory. So how do we blend these two concepts into something even more profound and with even more potential to alter our lives for the better?

*Choose the one thing that makes you uncomfortable (even if only a little, but honestly the more uncomfortable the better),but that you know will help move the dial more than anything else when it comes to your health and fitness.*

Many of you know I am a fairly avid yoga practitioner, and yes it’s true, we are always practicing, because perfection is really not attainable. We just keep working to get better by practicing more and pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone more. This concept of practicing to get better and to find new and different ways to make yourself uncomfortable is something incredibly rewarding about the practice of yoga. On the other hand, it also often makes us want to run screaming out of the yoga studio. But what often happens when we allow ourselves to push through pain, whether physical or emotional? Yes, sometimes it feels like it’s going to break us, but when we stand in the present and accept the moment and realize pain is temporary, we realize just how much more we are capable of. Oftentimes, more than we ever thought we were.

So this week I challenge you, or better yet, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU, to decide to do ONE thing that makes you uncomfortable, in the name of better health and fitness. Something deep down you know will make you better, whether physically or emotionally, maybe even both! For many people this could be as simple as taking a yoga class or signing up for a month of yoga classes. Or it could be giving up a certain food, something you think you cannot live without, but know if you did would make a huge difference in reaching your health and fitness goals.

Like I said, you can go as big or as small as you want, after all this is your discomfort we are talking about. Only YOU know how much discomfort you can take and what kind of discomfort would have the greatest impact on your life. As you’re starting to open your mind to the possibility of being uncomfortable, think back to a time in which you were extremely uncomfortable, yet once the discomfort was over (again, discomfort is only temporary) you felt like you could accomplish anything! This is exactly the feeling I want you to carry with you as you set out to do one thing that makes you uncomfortable. Hold onto that feeling of accomplishment you had from previous experience and know that the biggest growth always stems from the experiences in life that make us the most uncomfortable.

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