For those of you that follow me on Facebook, you are probably already aware of the changes I am making in my life and the steps I am taking to realize a dream, but I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about it in more detail and to encourage anyone who desires to make a change in their life, but needs a little more courage or push, to go after what you want. To better put this into context, I will share what led me to this decision and why I feel now is as good a time as any to take action.

As much as I wish I could claim an ah-ha or lightening bolt moment, it didn’t quite happen like that. It’s something that’s been more or less stirring inside me for quite some time and was awaiting the perfect moment to present itself. And there’s nothing like leaving an 8 year desk job, without a next step, to spring you into action. Now I know what many of you are thinking…this sounds terrifying. And guess what, it partly is! But what it also is, is exciting. Sometimes not knowing what exactly the future holds is an awesome thing, but knowing something even better could potentially lie ahead is exhilarating.

We all deal with fear day in and day out, but what if it didn’t have to control us. What if we could step right into the face of fear, grab the bulls by the horn and say “No! I refuse to be afraid of making a decision that could make my life even better.” So here I am, facing my fear of instability and embracing the possibility of making a life for myself rather than letting life happen to me.

I spent the past weekend with a group of 80+ inspiring women in Asheville, NC. All there to learn as much as they can about growing their own online fitness business. All trying to realize a dream and follow a passion. Why these may seem like the same thing, they really aren’t. We think of dreams as something unattainable or unreal, something you wake up from and is gone. While passion is something that drives us and fuels us; gives us a sense of purpose. In no way am I saying it’s not ok to dream! Dream away and dream big! But do your dreams involve your passion? Does it get you fired up and excited for each and every day? Because without passion a dream may as well be a pipe-dream.

The main thing I left with after a weekend around such amazing and empowering women was that even a passion is not always enough. You have to work at it and hard! Just because it is a passion does not mean you are entitled to the dream. The people that are the most successful at following a passion with the result of living a dream, GET SHIT DONE! #GSD. They work hard day in and day out, but love every moment of it because it means something to them.

I am no stranger to hard work, and actually love the idea of seeing all my hard work come to fruition. Working a day job for the past 12+ years has made me realize the value of the grind and putting in the work to get the best result. The only difference now is that I get to put in the work to see something I am building grow and hopefully flourish.

So, with that said I am taking the first step towards following my passion by enrolling in a highly-reputable and very thorough nutrition certification program.

good nutrition=result

Because I truly believe that good nutrition is the fastest way to results. And while I heart me some exercise, I know that without a solid nutritional foundation, any amount of exercise will just not produce the results you desire. I have tried it both ways and know from personal experience just how important nutrition is to success, whether it’s body change or health. I am so excited to learn more and add to my foundation as an expert in the area of health and fitness and look forward to helping other people realize the life-changing benefits of good nutrition and exercise.

This week, take a moment to think about the the first step you could take to follow a passion, whether it’s simply a hobby or something more. Start visualizing what it would be like if you followed that passion and realized a dream. Start realizing that fear exists to hold you back from the things you most desire in life and that if you can learn to face your own fear, anything is possible. Work hard, enjoy what you do, live the life you desire.

Stronger by following our passions,