Now, I am probably not the first person you have heard bring up the concept of “The One Thing,” but I wanted to share how I am currently utilizing it in my life and the power it can have to transform aspects of your life for the better.

This is by no means a new concept, nor a truly difficult one to grasp. It has been popularized by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan in their book, The ONE Thing: The Surprising Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results (great read if you want to explore more in-depth principals and examples). But it is likely something SO simple, that very few of us actually think it can work. We think anything that isn’t a crazy amount of work, just won’t produce any real results. But I’m here to tell you, that is utter, and complete bullshit! Sometimes the simplest things really do create the largest results.

So… back to me and how I am applying this concept to my life, and in particular, on my health and fitness journey.

As many of you know, I recently returned from a 3 week European vacation, followed by a 10-day cross-country drive, where I essentially took a month off from my normal routine. And by routine, I mean everything that was routine in my life before I left! My exercise and nutrition routine was just one component, but one in which, upon my return, almost felt like starting back at square one. But rather than look at it as an enormous boulder I had to push up a hill (something no one looks upon fondly), I decided to break the boulder into smaller pebbles and accomplish things one step at a time. And my first ONE thing is nutrition focused: be mindful of portion sizes.

I think oftentimes, when we take a break from our normal daily activities, we return and think we need to jump right back in where we left off. But usually we find we cannot actually sustain at the level we were at right out the gate. It actually makes us feel more dejected and more like giving up (to hell with it, I’ve already fallen off the wagon, what’s the point of getting back on when I’m just going to fall off again?). But what if I told you there is NO wagon? That this proverbial wagon exists only to make us feel helpless and unable to achieve the things we desire. The wagon exists as a barrier to entry for most of us, or better yet, a barrier to re-entry. But it doesn’t have to! I challenge you to say goodbye to any semblance of a wagon you have been on or fallen off, right here and now! And in order to do that and truly be free to make radical changes in your life, start to focus on The ONE Thing.

So what is the ONE thing? It’s different for all of us. It’s something small, yet achievable, that has the ability to make a large impact in our lives and create positive momentum moving forward. And even better, the ONE thing isn’t really only ONE thing. It’s only ONE thing until the moment you feel you have accomplished that ONE thing and can now move on to another.

I know many of us have been told time and time again that we should write our goals down on paper, as it gives us something to constantly look back at and ensure we are actually following through. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been a fan of these types of all encompassing goal lists. Kind of creates an all or nothing kind of scenario, where you feel like if you don’t cross them all off your list, you have somehow failed. And who likes the feeling of failure? Yes, failure can teach us a lot and most importantly, teach us how not to fail in the same way, but at the same time, when you are trying to make significant, personal changes that you have never been able to make before, the list can be downright overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable.

So today, if I can encourage anything for you, I ask that you forget the laundry list of goals. Maybe you still have one, but it’s not pasted to your fridge or your bulletin board or written on tiny post-it notes all over your house. Instead, pick the ONE thing that you can commit to today and try to stick with it for the next 30 days and see how empowered you feel at the end of that 30 days. Your ONE thing does not have to be huge. It can be something small that you know will make a huge impact in your daily life, such as getting 8 hours of sleep a night, taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator, or only drinking alcohol on the weekends. Whatever it is, it is just for you, and for no one else. If it matters to you, it does not matter what other people think. #doyou

I look forward to hearing what you choose for your ONE thing and how you feel after 30 days.

Getting stronger ONE thing at a time!