This week a lot has been on my mind, but the thing that is taking precedence and is closest to my heart at the moment are priorities. Life’s priorities. Body’s priorities. Heart, mind and soul’s priorities. And it got me thinking, no matter what we prioritize in our life, at any given moment, we need to own it and unapologetically so.

What do I mean when I say own your priorities unapologetically, you might ask? So glad you did! I am no stranger to the notion of owning my priorities unapologetically, yet know so many others that are either afraid or somehow incapable of doing this complex yet simple and empowering act. I think we all know what it means to take ownership of things and the great sense of pride and empowerment this can create, but how many of us know how to take that a step further and own unapologetically?

We are often times chock full of excuses and explanations for why we do the things we do and why we prioritize the things we do. But where does this need to create excuses and explanations come from? The reasons can be few or many, but the ones that I see come up often for people are guilt, desire for validation or a sense of belonging. And while all these things are valid and noble human emotions and desires, they do not enable us to take ownership of the things we prioritize in life, in fact, they become crutches. Things we lean on because we cannot stand on our own convictions.

Whatever your priorities in life are, I challenge you to start taking the necessary steps to take unapologetic ownership of them. Stop feeling the need to explain yourself to everyone or have others validate what you are doing. Bottom line, if it’s important to YOU, that’s all that matters. If it’s not important to others, you’re going to have a hell of a time trying to justify or validate it with them, and really, why bother?

In the poetic words of Jean-Paul Sartre, “We are our choices.” So own them unapologetically and have the confidence that YOU know what YOU need better than anyone else.

Unapologetically Stronger!


– Source: JillFit Physiques