dont-be-afraid-of-changeToday I started contemplating all the things in our lives that can necessitate a reset and it got me thinking that a reset is not only necessary in my life, but healthy for my soul. And while my reset is mostly health and fitness related at the moment, it also stems a little further than that for most of us. And why is it something that terrifies us or equates to defeat for most people? For me, resets are a necessity and can actually help us move forward in the aspect of life they pertain to. They are a cognisant recognition that something needs to change for the better and you are prepared to move in that direction.

If it is so easy to get stuck in a rut in many areas of our lives, whether it be health, fitness, relationships, work, etc., then why is it so hard to recognize we need to make a change? The recognition is often the hardest part of the equation, making the reset seem easy and obvious. So today I wanted to keep this post short and sweet and empower those that are at a crossroads in some aspect of their life to recognize the rut, embrace the need to change and press the reset button.

Often we just need a new perspective to spurn us into action. Sometimes we can find this within ourselves and other times we need an outsiders view point. Whatever you need to ignite you into action, seek it out. Don’t settle for the status quo. Strive for better and don’t be afraid to reset if that’s what it takes.

Heres to making strides to a stronger you!