I was reading an article today about different levels of fitness and how many or few sacrifices one has to make to achieve their desired results and it got me thinking about the choices we make, good or bad, in the name of our health and fitness.

I wanted to share an excerpt from this article that really resonated with me today:

1. If you want to make further changes to your body, you’ll need to make further changes to your behaviors.

2. The leaner you want to get, the more of your behaviors you’ll have to change.

What you decide to change, and how much you decide to change it, is up to you. What’s most important here is that you understand what it actually takes to do what you want (or think you want).

Now, I have always believed this to be true, but it is something I, myself, often neglect to keep in mind when I am going through the many cycles of my health and fitness journey. Everyday of that journey I am presented with choices. The choice to eat healthy, unprocessed food over a quick fast food or pre-made lunch. The choice to get up an hour earlier and get that workout done (I fail at this one, more than any!!!). The choice to get to bed an hour earlier, therefore making it easier for me to get up for that early morning workout! 😉

All these choices, everyday, can sometimes feel overwhelming and the desire to go into auto-pilot, and not really commit to making a choice can seem like the “easy choice.” But I can tell you from personal experience, there is nothing more powerful than choosing to make the best choices for yourself most of the time, rather than revert to the dreaded auto-pilot, and allow the downward spiral that often corresponds with such a choice.

So next time you are presented with a choice that you know can have a big or small impact on your health and fitness (sometimes the small things can add up to BIG changes), think about how empowering your choices can be and choose YOU and the ONE body you have for your lifetime. You will never regret it!

Additionally, I have been struggling with a choice of my own, to try and take my passion for health and fitness to the next level and really start putting it to good use. And in order to move forward, sometimes we simply need to take one small step. And that’s what I want to do today. I want to offer my support (training, motivation, nutrition, etc.) anything to better assist you on your journey to a stronger you, to a select number of people that really feel they could benefit from some more personalized attention. I know for some, reading this blog is enough to get even just a little dose of inspiration, but for anyone that wants a little extra, I would be willing to help at a little deeper level. Just message me on Facebook or at my personal email lauren.youman@gmail.com, and we can work together on getting and staying on a path to a stronger you.

Helping each other get stronger everyday!