As we rapidly approach another holiday season (don’t they always seem to come out of nowhere??!!), I have been reminded of all that I have to be thankful for and have decided that I will try my darnedest to keep my mind focused on these things throughout this holiday season, and hopefully beyond.

Too often I know I catch myself getting caught up in the negative aspects of my life, and really what for? These negative thoughts do not serve me or anyone I am around, so time to get rid of them.

Yesterday I got to spend a few hours with an old (not age ;)) and dear friend that I hadn’t seen in over a year! And she said something that really struck a cord with me. As she is preparing for a baby early next year, she and her husband have started a process of cleaning so to speak. They are ridding themselves of excess crap that they feel no longer serves them or brings them joy, and I thought, wow if we could only ALL do that. How often do we get caught up holding onto things or people that no longer serve us? Probably way more often than we’d ever admit. So in the spirit of thankfulness and the holidays, I thought I would pose this little challenge to anyone who follows this blog.

Think about all the things that are not serving you anymore, whether they are trinkets around the house, clothes you know you should have gotten rid of years ago, or people that are just no longer good for your overall wellbeing, and make a pact to rid these things from your life and instead give thanks for everything you do have that does serve you!

Now you may say, Lauren, this is easier said than done. I mean, I was thinking the exact same thing last night. But at the same time, I got to thinking about my mission to be the strongest version of myself, and while I often have a good base for strong body, I can always do a better job on strong mind. And that’s exactly what I am choosing to do. Maybe you can make that choice today too.

Be thankful, be happy, be strong!