Ok, so for those of you who have been following my progress, you know I have been on a 3 week journey of transformation. And while I am happy to say I have completed the cleanse, I feel like the journey has only really begun. I have garnered so much learning from this experience and in such profound ways that I will carry this knowledge and empowerment with me for the rest of my life! With knowledge truly comes power and it is amazing how much you can take control of your life, health, fitness and so much more by making some rather easy and accomplishable changes.

So just a little recap of my experience:
Starting Weight: 128 lb
Ending Weight: 121.5 lb

Starting Health Issues: back and neck pain, acid reflux/heartburn, bloating, headaches
Ending Health Issues: occasional gas and bloating, pertaining to certain nutrition I put in my body

Yesterday I treated as a celebratory completion day, and went WAY off the diet I had been on for the previous 3 weeks and as I expected, it continued to provide even further learning! Granted, I pretty much expected the results I got, but nice to know I can now predict how I am going to react to the things I put in my body. We truly are what we eat.  3 pounds gained in 24 hours….all based on food I put in my system!

So yesterday, at my last weight in, I was at 121.5, the lowest of the 3 weeks, and only 3.5 pounds away from my high school weight, which I never thought was possible! And while weight loss was definitely not one of my primary goals when setting out on this journey, it became empowering to know that by carefully monitoring what I put in my body I could have profound effects on many aspects of my health, including my weight. I whole heartedly believe if you are putting food in your body that your body likes, your body will not let you down, it will truly thrive for you!

And this week, as I start to test some foods that I haven’t been eating to see how my body reacts, I am excited and yet a little bit sad. I know that going through this process will push me back from where I landed at the end of this journey, but the knowledge I stand to gain is immense. Knowing exactly what my trigger foods are and what I should avoid to feel the strongest version of me. And while undoubtedly I will not always comply with what is optimal for my body, there is great power in knowing exactly what I need to do to get back to a state of optimal health. And this will definitely be tested later this week when I go to Chicago and indulge in some of Chicago’s finest! Which I’m sure will include red meat, pizza, dessert and cocktails, all things I have been avoiding for the past 3 weeks, but things I know I can easily eliminate to feel my best.

When you choose a lifestyle of deprivation you will always find yourself falling off the wagon, but if you can be happy knowing what works best for you and occasionally and purposefully “go off the wagon,” you know exactly what you need to do to get back to where you were before 🙂

My life has been forever changed. How I think about food and exercise and health and life has been altered by this experience and in the best ways possible. I look forward to carrying the knowledge of this past few weeks with me for the rest of my life and helping others to do the same should they so desire.

You have the power to create a stronger you!!!