Well I’m neck-deep in it now and have to say, I feel fantastic! I can safely say after witnessing it first hand, that diet truly is 90% of the battle of becoming a stronger you! I have always been a huge proponent of exercise and utilizing it to get the body/mind/spirit you want, but behold the power of food!

Going into this, weight loss was definitely not a primary motivator. I didn’t feel like I really had a lot of weight to lose and have come to appreciate the womanly curves that are part of who I am, but without really trying, any extra pounds my body had been trying to hold on to, just kind of melted off. You know how they say, that last five pounds is the toughest to take off? Well, I always thought so too, until now! The secret weapon really came down to diet and making modifications that allowed my body to start to transform more than I had been able to do with a boat load of exercise and a relatively clean diet. Who would have thought, giving up certain elements of my typical diet could result in the transformation I never seemed to be able to reach, and on top of it, was enjoyable to do.

I have gotten a bunch of crap over the past couple weeks from how difficult my diet is to how much time I spend in the kitchen to I’m no fun anymore! And while all may be seemingly true, I would endure all of these things to feel as good as I do right now. And let me touch on each of them one by one for a moment.

1 – My diet is difficult: Well, that may be true, as I have had to eliminate a number of things from my diet that I was previously consuming, and have had to bring my own food when attending social functions that involve eating, but I have also learned SO much about what food works for my body and how to feel optimal. So a little extra effort has not felt like that much in the scheme of things for me.

2 – I spend a lot of time in the kitchen: YES I DO!!! Probably more than I ever have in my life, but again, I have to say, it has been well worth it! I have learned to make so many new things, experiment with new sources of protein and eat food that not only makes my body feel good, but makes my entire being feel good. I think even my mom, who has gotten to witness most of this experiment, would agree that the food is pretty great. Who knew eating clean could taste so great!

3 – I’m no fun anymore!: How is it that we have equated alcohol to fun these days? That a person is somehow no longer fun when they are not drinking? Definitely made me think about if I was even fun to begin with, because if I need alcohol to be fun, something is seriously wrong! I would argue that I am probably more fun than ever, as I feel better than ever, resulting in a very positive and FUN outlook on life. Once you see what you are capable of first hand, it just motivates you to continue down a path to a stronger you!

In closing, and for those of you that really want a way to healthily drop some unwanted pounds, I would encourage you to take the Clean challenge and see just what positive changes you can make, not only to your body, but your soul. When it comes to weight, for me, I can’t say it is something I do not worry about at all, after all, we are all human and carry some level of vanity with us. But it has never been something I put a lot of focus on (basically I think scales are evil and only set us up for disappointment). Yes, I have an ideal number in my mind, and I’ve never really been able to hit it until now, but I am realistic enough to know I probably will not be able to maintain it forever, but I also take comfort in the fact that I now know exactly how to get there whenever I want to return or feel I have fallen off the proverbial wagon.

One more week and counting on my journey to a stronger me!