So I thought I’d clue everyone in on what I have endeavored upon for the next 3 weeks, as I’ve had a couple requests to share, not only experiences, but recipes and everything in between.

Many months ago I read a book called Clean, by Dr. Alejandro Junger. The basic premise of the book being that we expose ourselves to so many toxins on a daily basis, from environmental to nutrition, that it behooves us to cleanse our bodies every now and then to rid our bodies of the toxic build-up. He also talks about how a lot of the common ailments a lot of us go through, are very often related to this toxic build-up and by ridding our bodies of these toxins, we can actually reverse the effects of such ailments, from anything like acid reflux and indigestion to migraines and muscular skeletal issues. Myself, having struggled the past year with a span of issues, from acid reflux to muscle spasms, thought why not give this a shot and see if I could positively impact my health by taking a few, seemingly easy steps, to reverse the toxic build-up in my body.

Now, I preface this with the words above (seemingly easy), as this would be anything but to some people, but I took it upon myself to push outside my daily norm to see if the positive outcome could outweigh the hardship of making it through these tough 3 weeks. Yes, you heard it, 3 week cleanse! Now I know what you are thinking, when you hear the word “cleanse,” it must be some crazy juice thing where you basically can’t eat normal food and you starve yourself! Well, I’m not going to lie and say you might be a little hungry doing it, but it is nothing like the Master Cleanse where all you consume is water with lemon, cayenne and maple syrup for a week! To me, that’s nuts!!! The idea behind the Clean cleanse is to quiet the digestive system in order for it to properly heal and restore your healthy gut flora, resulting in a plethora of other health benefits.

So, just a top level view of what I am doing is as follows:
Morning – Shake for breakfast/Green tea
Lunch – healthy lean protein and vegetables (some whole grains also allowed)/Green Tea
Snack – Green juice ( freshly juiced by yours truly)
Dinner – Soup/Green Tea

So the idea here is that you have only liquid meals from dinner through breakfast, allowing your body to not expend large amounts of energy digesting food, instead allowing it to use that energy to heal. Also, the types of foods you are allowed are very specific, further assisting this process. We remove the most common food irritants, known to cause a plethora of issues, and this is probably the hardest part for most people, as our diets revolve highly around a lot of these foods. On the DO NOT EAT list are the following:
– Gluten
– Dairy (including eggs)
– Alcohol
– Caffeine
– Night Shade Vegetables (tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes)
– Processed Sugar
– Soy
– Beef, Pork
– Corn
– Bananas, Strawberries, Oranges, Grapes

Think you can do it????

At first it seems rather daunting, also considering they recommend a pre-cleanse week where you start to eliminate these foods, but can still eat 3 solid meals a week. So that totals about a solid month of not eating these foods. And while this may seem like an eternity, it is TOTALLY DOABLE!

I am currently five days into my first week and have to say I feel a LOT better than I thought I would. The book warns that you could feel lethargic and overall kind of crappy at first as your body adjusts, but so far I feel great. I am definitely abiding by their advice to scale back my physical activity, which as many of you know, is really tough for me, because I LOVE being active! And while I am currently not doing a couple of the things I normally would be for exercise, such as spin and weight training, I have a new found love and appreciation for yoga! I absolutely LOVE it!!! And feel the transformative power of it the more and more I do it. I was always anti-yoga, thought it was slow and boring and not a hard enough workout, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth! Yoga will push you in ways you never thought possible, physically and mentally. I can honestly say it is one of the only places I can truly quiet my mind and be focused on one thing, while benefiting my mind, body and soul at the same time. It is amazing! If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend you do! Just be open to the transformative power it can have and don’t be frustrated when you can’t do some of the more advanced poses, it takes time! I am about 4 months in and I still can’t do a lot of the poses, but I don’t let that discourage me. Baby steps sometimes reap huge benefits in the long run!

With that said, I will do a weekly post as I get further into the cleanse and update everyone on how it’s going and how I feel. If you have any specific questions about anything I touched on, please feel free to message me and I can share more.

Cleansing my way to a stronger me!

And remember when things in life feel impossible: