I know I’ve briefly touched on pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, but today really brought that to light for me.  Why today you may ask?  Well, I recently joined this fancy pants new gym and received some extra benefits when I signed up as a charter member a few months back.  But it wasn’t until today that I actually put those benefits to use and took part in a resting metabolic test.  I knew going in that my fitness was good, but what I didn’t know is that it would open my eyes to pushing myself outside my comfort zone.

Now this may seem odd for someone that regularly takes part in spin classes and high intensity weight training (which tests indicated, has been paying off!), but it is the area of pushing myself to the point of discomfort that I found I fall a little short.  It made me think about my comfort zone in general and how often I allow myself to truly reach outside my comfort zone and I came to the conclusion that it is just not often enough!  Not often enough in my fitness regimen and definitely not often enough in my day to day life.  After all, it is only when we push ourselves past where we are comfortable that we truly achieve growth and change.

So, as of this morning, that is my new awareness and a new goal to strive for.  When I catch myself in those moments where I think I can’t go any further, I challenge myself to do just that!  Strive to challenge yourself in all aspects of life and I can guarantee the results will be worth the effort.  First step is accepting that you’ve become comfortable with the status quo, from there challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone, believe that you can achieve these new goals you’ve set for yourself and watch things happen!  And when it comes to fitness, let me tell you, pushing to that edge is NOT fun!!  I would never tell anyone that it is enjoyable, but it achieves many things:

1- You start to believe in yourself more and more and are more and more willing to push outside your comfort zone

2 – You start to enjoy the sensation and become empowered by it

3 – You see yourself reach goals, desires, dreams, you never thought you could achieve and you feel better than ever!

So my challenge to anyone out there reading this, looking for a little motivation or a little inspiration or just a place to start, look within and identify the areas in your life where you have become too comfortable and challenge yourself to reach outside that comfort.  You will have a breakthrough on the other side, I guarantee!

Stronger with each discomfort! (Discomfort does not equal pain.  If it physically hurts, stop.  But if you can learn to relish the good kind of discomfort, that will be your new sweet spot!)