So some, but not all of you, may know, that I’ve spent the last year splitting my time between Boston and Southern California.  So if anyone can understand the difficulty of keeping a routine, it’s me.  Between diet and exercise, I have my work cut out for me trying to keep some semblance of consistency.  But as my year in Boston reaches an end, I have decided to rededicate myself to a routine.

Sometimes motivation comes in all forms, whether a big move, a new pair of shoes, a fancy new gym membership….Scandal marathons 😉 (A shout out to you Jen!).  Whatever it is grab on to it and ride it out as long as you can!  Yes, things will come up and hinder your progress from time to time, but being a stronger you means getting right back to it as soon as you can!

My final words of inspiration to you are this.  Find things that you enjoy, that will motivate you to stay on the path to a stronger you.  Enjoyment will only help keep you on track and inspire you to keep going!  We are all capable.  We just need to remember that when we need a title extra push!

Also, I will be trying out a new online publishing site which may be replacing this wordpress blog.  I will keep you posted as I progress.

Back at it, and loving it!