So my reason for being absent all this time is quite simple.  I was listening to my body.  Over the past year I have learned to be better in tune with the things my body is trying to tell me and sometimes, even though I may not agree, and feel like my own body sabotages my fitness, I know it is in my best interest to take heed and listen.

Very often we choose to ignore things our body is trying to tell us and we end up paying the price sooner or later.  I decided after learning the hard way, one too many times, to listen to my body’s cues this time.  And while this did partially slow me down from achieving a stronger me, it also made me open my eyes and ears to better be in tune with the sometimes subtle things our bodies try to tell us.  As well as to focus more on just moving my body in general.

We have become so accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle.  We sit at a desk all day (most of us), only getting up to go to the bathroom or to lunch.  We miss countless opportunities to move our bodies.  And while I was not at the gym all this time, I was focusing on making movement a more important function of my day.  My mom practices this very well, using opportunities like brushing her teeth to do calf raises and squats 😉  I always laugh, but, in all honesty, there is nothing funny about it.  She is taking the opportunity to move her body when she can and that is something we should all strive for.  So next time you feel like you’ve been sitting too long, take your dog out for a walk or have a walking meeting.  Get your body moving and you will find that your mind will feel sharper and your body happier. (Side note: If you need the extra motivation or are just not aware of how sedentary you are, I highly recommend purchasing a movement tracker, such as a fitbit or a jawbone UP.  Not only do they make you aware of how active or inactive you are, they also let you in on how your activity, or lack thereof,  may be affecting your sleep. Something I value highly.)

I am learning to not let my body be an obstacle in my path towards a stronger me.  My body exists to aid me in my quest, and part of that quest requires my body being in the best shape, physically, but more importantly, functionally.  Without my body functioning at the highest level I know there is no way it can be at the highest level physically.

Lesson here is plain and simple.  Listen to your body.  Take care of your body.  And it will take care of you.

Keep strong!