Ok, I know it’s been a little while since I last posted.  Chock it up to a busy week and busy birthday weekend for my brother in Vegas.  But what I will say is, I went to Vegas, and survived!  Most of you probably know I had been on a break from alcohol for about 4 weeks going into the Vegas trip, with every intent of breaking that streak in Vegas, after all it was my brother’s 29th birthday and what birthday is complete without a little bit of bubbly!  So I decided going in that I would allow myself to drink, but not to excess, and I did really well with that (pat myself on the back), but what I did realize, as much as I love my bubbly and red wine, it does not love me 😦

I had been feeling fantastic leading up to my weekend in Vegas! More energy than ever and feeling like the strong me I know I am!  But put one drink in me and my head is aching and I just feel ick!  And while I could be really depressed about this, it actually made me feel the opposite.  It validated how I had been feeling leading up to the trip.  I had surpassed the 3 week mark, which is the length of time that is said to make something a habit, and I was feeling really good, wasn’t even really missing my wine, but one glass in and my body knew the difference!

Now I am in no way preaching that you all need to give up alcohol to feel amazing.  I remember the days when I did feel absolutely amazing drinking, come on, we all do! 😉  But I find as I am aging and my life is changing, I  find it more difficult and less useful to drink.  And while this may sound boring, it has caused me to put more focus into other areas of my life that I may have been neglecting, one being my own health.  And so far, for me, giving up this one thing, has made a world of difference in the way I feel and approach life.

This is not to say I will not indulge in a glass of wine here and there, but it will definitely allow me to enjoy it more than I ever have!  So today I guess the moral of my story is, lets do more than survive, lets thrive, and give up anything that you think is setting you back from doing that, whether it’s as simple as alcohol or as complicated as self-doubt.  The power of will is stronger than you can ever know, we just have to learn how to better tap into it.

Get out there and start thriving! And if that’s not enough motivation, use this today: