Not sure if anyone is a watcher of The Biggest Loser.  I personally am not, but do love Jillian Michaels!  But I couldn’t help but talk about last night’s scary results show!

So for those of you who watch, you know what happened, but for those of you who did not, what we saw was a young woman who went from a size 20 to a size 0/2!  Now you may say, wow…good for her!!! On paper these sound like amazing results!  But the reality was far from it.  What I saw was a young woman who had let obsession about her body get the best of her! And I think even Jillian herself was feeling the exact same sentiment!

Does this look like happiness?
Does this look like happiness?

This look really says it all!  This is not happiness, this is concern.  This is knowing that the winner of this season’s Biggest Loser, has gone too far!

Now, I will be the first to admit, I have been told I border on obsessive or even flat out that I am a beast! But I would NEVER compromise my health and body in a way that would make people think I was actually unhealthy.

So I will let you be the judge.  This is the transformation that was revealed last night:

before and after

I would love to hear your thoughts!  Do you think this is what healthy or fit or strong looks like? Do you think this deserved $250,000 and the title of The Biggest Loser? Or like me and Jillian, do you feel this is taking it too far?

So, in the poetic words of one of my dearest friends, find YOUR “healthy-happy” and don’t let obsession rear it’s ugly head!

Stay strong!