I hope everyone survived Super Bowl Sunday! I kept my promise to myself and did not touch alcohol….two weeks down! And I feel great! So I am not sure who everyone was rooting for yesterday, but the outcome made me think about being underestimated, and how that can play to your advantage.  And yesterday was a prime example of just that.

I think just about everyone had the Broncos pegged to win the Super Bowl.  I mean, they have Peyton Manning, one of the greatest QBs of all time, so how could they possibly lose?  On the other side, you had Pete Carroll (a man I highly respect from my days at USC) and the #1 defense in the country.  And even though we’ve all heard the sayings such as, “Offense sells tickets, defense wins games” and “A good defense is the best offense,” everyone still wanted to rally around Peyton and his #1 offense.  And boy did the underestimated Seahawks show us all!

Now, I am not going to lie, I was rooting for the Seahawks, and wore my SC colors as a vote of solidarity for my man Pete Carroll.  And while I thought Seattle had just as much a shot of winning this game as Denver, I never could have anticipated the outcome that took place!

So this made me think about all those times in my life where I felt underestimated; like what I was doing wasn’t good enough or the obstacles seemed to great to overcome. And it made me remember, it’s OK to be underestimated.  It’s actually something that motivates me even more, especially in my quest for a stronger me.  Because there is no stronger obstacle thrown at me than myself!  It is I alone that has the power to overcome any obstacles thrown at me and to prove myself wrong.  To prove that I can dedicate myself to something bigger than myself.  And you can too.

So today, think about all the ways in which you underestimate yourself or how others have underestimated you and throw those things out the door!  If you want something enough and have the strength and determination, nothing can stop you….even all the haters!  Even if the hater is yourself!!!!

Get out there and start surprising yourself, you’ll never turn back!