With this latest round of the flu going around like the plague, it made me think about the things we do to make ourselves more susceptible to these bugs.  The foods we eat, the lack of movement, exposure to the elements.  All things we have control over.  Then my mind wandered to another type of bug….the fitness bug.  Now, you may ask, why would you call fitness a bug?  Well, in my experience, it becomes something that overtakes our bodies and lives, similar to how the flu might, but instead of fighting against it, I encourage you to always fight for it!

I was talking to my mom today about some of the things I have been sharing on the blog and what inspired it and it got me to thinking.  My mom had actually been the one who inspired it from the time I was a baby, whether I knew it or not!  For those of you who don’t know my mom, she is one of those genetically blessed few, who can seem to eat just about anything she wants, exercise very little and have the body everyone wishes for.

Rewind 30+ years, my mom was a very popular and dedicated aerobics instructor…jazzercise, to be exact 🙂 My mom taught classes through both her pregnancies, until she was just about to burst.  I have photographic evidence!  And once my brother and I were born, she continued to teach for many years.  I remember as a kid, sitting in the back of her classes and watching.  Little did I know what a profound impact that exposure would have on my life!

Not all of us are as fortunate to grow up in a family that instills this kind of value in you for physical fitness, but even if that is the case for you, it is NEVER too late to catch the fitness bug!  All you need is exposure to the right stimulant!  And it usually comes in the form of another person; maybe family, maybe a friend, maybe a colleague or maybe someone you don’t even know.  But if you know or find someone who has the bug, get as close as you can….you just might catch it!!!