Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. To those of you who think that a leisurely stroll or lifting barbie weights will get you the body of your dreams, this is far from the case!  You actually have to break a sweat to see results!  That means you ladies!  Not sure when it became a bad thing for women to sweat.  We grew up being told that ladies glisten, they do NOT sweat….really??  Let me tell you right now, ladies SWEAT!! And if you find yourself getting your sweat on on a regular basis, good for you!!!

In order to keep my body guessing and avoid the pitfalls of a plateau, I am regularly switching up what I do for exercise.  That does not mean you have to completely change what you do or what you like to do.  By no means does switching it up mean that I give up weight training at any point in my quest for a stronger me.  As I mentioned before, weight training is far and beyond the best bang for your buck and something I would be hard pressed to find an equivalent substitute for.  So while weight training remains a constant in my exercise arsenal, the types and variations of exercises I put my body through are changing on a regular basis.

I have tried a wide variety of weight training plans, many of which gave me great results (hit me up if you’d like me to share any of them with you), but I am always looking for new ways to push myself outside of my comfort zone.  Today I started Jillian Michaels’ beginner weight training plan and let me tell you, even as someone who considers herself fairly fit and beyond a “beginner”, this first workout kicked my ass!!!  And as much pain as I was in getting through this workout, I also knew this pain was the good kind of pain.  The kind of pain that is telling my body that what I am doing is working toward getting me the results I desire.  And when I need a little extra motivation some days, to get me through a workout, well, doesn’t hurt to look at a picture.


Who wouldn’t want this body if you could have it??  Well guess what, you can! It will not be easy and it will not always be fun, but if you, like me, can learn to relish in the pain the workouts put you through, and learn to stick to a diet of clean eating, this body is DEFINITELY possible! So whether you want a body like this or someone else or you want to maintain your own body, YOU and YOU ALONE have the power to get in any type of shape you wish, the desire just has to outweigh the obstacles.  So if you can, learn to work when you workout….you WILL start to see results.