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Marvel in the Simple

When it comes to our health and fitness it is really easy to buy into the belief that the more you do or the more complicated your plan, the more effective it will be. But the truth of the matter... Continue Reading →

Are You Alive or Simply Living?

Definition of alive  having life :  not dead or inanimate a :  still in existence, force, or operation :active<kept hope alive>b :  still active in competition with a chance of victory <must win to stay alive in the playoffs> knowing or realizing the existence of something :sensitive<alive to the danger> marked... Continue Reading →

Silence the Doubt

I'm back after a little holiday hiatus with my family. And I have to say it felt good to step away from everything and spend some quality time with the people I love. Even crazier how much love you can... Continue Reading →

Presence Over Presents

The holidays is always a good time to perform a bit of a reset when it comes to life. A time to asses the past year and where you set out to be and make any adjustments necessary in the... Continue Reading →

Act As If

Ever heard the phrase, “Fake it until you make it”? I’m guessing most of you have. This is a phrase that has always sounded easier said than done, but a concept I can get behind. I’ve never really liked the... Continue Reading →

Establishing a Daily Movement Practice

How many of you currently have an excuse for why you do not incorporate movement into your life daily? Legitimate or not, this situation is all too common and is one I have found myself in countless times! From not... Continue Reading →

Be Encouraged, Not Afraid

Today I want to use this #transformationtuesday to talk about choosing to make a commitment to your health and fitness when you're scared shitless because either the road looks too long or the hill looks too steep. Instead of focusing... Continue Reading →

Decide to Start Today

Today is as good a day as any to decide to start. Start what you might ask? Start something. Start anything that you've been putting off for any amount of time. In the context of health and fitness, starting can... Continue Reading →

Taming the Craving Monster

Hands-down, the topic that comes up the most when I talk nutrition with my friends and family, is cravings. Specifically, questions about how to go about getting cravings in check. Raise your hand if you've experienced this at some point... Continue Reading →

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